Property Protection

Property protection - burglar breaking into front door of a house

Prevent would-be intruders from inflicting theft or property damage by hiring Lycan Security for you property protection. Allow us to post our armed security personnel to monitor and protect your residence or place of business.

Most security systems can only react after a break in or damage has already occurred, only a highly trained and alert security professional from Lycan Security can prevent intruders from vandalizing your home or business.

Florida ranks third among all states with the highest rate of burglary

According to numbers provided by Statista, Florida ranks third among all states with the highest rate of burglary – almost 64,000 burglaries in 2019 alone. [1] While in 2019 nearly 7 million cases [4] of larceny, burglary, and property damage were reported – less than 13% of stolen items were ever recovered. [2]  

Property protection is a proactive matter.

Furthermore, incidences of arson and general property damage in Florida has soared in recent years. [3] Civil unrest and an increasing distrust of municipal government has created an uneasy and precarious environment for business owners and residential neighborhoods alike.

Property protection - arsonist throwing a tire into a burning building

Local police will arrive only after damage has been caused, and insurance coverage can never replace your peace of mind after vandals and looters have already taken and destroyed what they wanted.

Don’t allow your home or place of business to become victimized.

Our team will stand guard, monitor your property, and actively patrol your perimeter. We will maintain a strong presence to stop criminals, vandals, and looters from causing damage to your property and costing you money.

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