Lycan Security Services

Lycan Security Solutions will provide you with the best security services South Florida has to offer.

  • Firearms Training and Certification
  • Commercial and Home Property Protection
  • Personal Security and Executive Protection
  • Private Investigation

Firearms Training and Certification

Gain the confidence and expertise you need to use firearms safely and effectively. Let our expert firearms training instructors show you how you can protect yourself and your family.

Knowing how to protect yourself is more important than it has ever been. Learning how to confidently carry and use a firearm for personal protection is essential in an increasingly dangerous and uncertain time.

Commercial and Home Property Protection

Prevent would-be intruders from inflicting theft or property damage by allowing us to post our armed security personnel to monitor and protect your valued location. Most security systems can only react after a break in or damage has already occurred, only a highly trained and alert security professional from Lycan Security can prevent intruders from vandalizing your home or business.

Personal Security and Executive Protection

Nothing is more valuable than your personal safety. We understand that in an age of increasing uncertainty and mounting hostility, personal security that is second-best is as good as nothing at all.

Our professional, vigilant, and highly trained personal security services that will keep you safeguarded so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Private Investigation

Some security matters require a more subtle approach. Do you need to verify a worker’s compensation claim or gather evidence for a legal proceeding? Do you need an effective and secure courier for an important high-value package? Let our trained and certified private investigators handle your matter quickly, discreetly, and effectively.

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