First Time Gun Owners – Are Firearms Safe to Use?

If you’re thinking about buying a firearm for the first time, you might also be concerned if owning firearms is safe. You may have heard different statistics that claim the mere possession of a gun leads to accidents or violence.

Nothing can be further from the truth .

A gun is only as dangerous as the person who is handling it.

Dr. Rowhani-Rahbar of the University of Washington School of Public Health conducted a study of firearms owners. He found that people who owned firearms for personal protection were less likely to have received formal training. People who owned guns for hunting or sport were more likely to have training. 

This finding coincides with claims by other studies that conclude guns kept in the house are more likely to contribute to an unintentional injury or serious accident. In other words, firearms are safe as long as you have the training to use them.

If you want to keep a firearm in the house, you need to be trained on how to use it. Period.

The first step in firearms training is learning how to use a gun safely and properly. Follow training with consistent practice. People who are not confident using their firearms are more likely to injure themselves or others, producing the opposite effect from what was intended.

Practice, respect, and training with your firearm is the only way to keep yourself and the ones you love safe.

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