Private Investigation

Private investigator sitting in his car holding a camera.

Lycan Security provides a range of private investigation services for personal, legal, or business needs.

Background Checks

It’s not easy trusting someone you don’t know well with your personal, family, or business needs. Make sure you know who you’re hiring before entering into a business relationship with them.


If you need to gather evidence involving a person of interest, we have the skills, equipment, and resources to collect the photographic or video data that you need.

Asset Searches

Let us conduct research into the financial position of a current or potential business partner before you commit yourself to a contract or deal.

Location Services

We can locate missing persons with whom you are attempting to find. Whether loved ones, business associates, or absentee spouses – we will direct all of our skills and resources to finding them.

Service of Process

If you are filing a lawsuit or divorce, don’t depend on the often unreliable services of a substandard process server. Our private investigators can serve your papers to even the most elusive recipients.

Genealogy Research

Our investigators can help you track down long lost family connections with access to our extensive genealogy databases.

Comprehensive Private Investigation Services

  • Bug sweeps
  • Business background checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Locating absentee or ‘deadbeat’ parents
  • Insurance claims investigation
  • Domestic violence
  • Caregiver background checks
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Litigation support
  • Public record retrieval
  • Skip-trace location services
  • Tenant screening
  • Undercover operations

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